Through my own experience as a human, I utilize items that would otherwise end up in the landfill to explore the idea that everything is connected. It's important to me to bring the discarded back to life.


As a child my creativity was expressed mostly through writing & drawing but something about collage has always brought me the most gratification I obtained a BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry for my own personal fulfillment while simultaneously pouring myself into careers other people envisioned for me. Creating has always been important to me as a way to process my emotions, but I had always kept my artwork to myself.

At the end of 2020, I fell into a very dark and unfamiliar depression. Feeling completely defeated and lost, I turned all my energy to what has continuously brought me out of the darkness: collage art. Since refocusing my entire life, I have been commissioned for both public and private collectors, shown in multiple art galleries, and have had one solo show.

I currently cut/rip and glue in White River Junction, VT with my rescue dog, Marshall.

Heather Stearns